From the plains of Kansas to the tops of the Great Smoky Mountains, there is always a certain characteristic that sticks out. It could be a certain place, habit or trait, or even a person.



I’ve lived in Middle Tennessee for most of my live.

I’m known to be way too creative. Thought-Provoking always comes up as a weird to describe myself.

I’ve been interesting in writing for a long time. Although, it seems to have faded quite a bit lately. I’m heading into a somewhat new direction.

I love Jesus! He’s quite awesome. Jesus dried for your sins and mine. If you don’t know him personally, I hope you will find him. He will change your life forever. Jesus is my all in all.

I’m known to be somewhat shy to some people, but to a lot, I try to be very friendly and vibrant.

I like comedies and some dramas. Those include: 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, The Big Bang Theory, Two Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother, Parenthood, Modern Family, and The Middle. I also like most shows on Showtime like Weeds, The Big C, Homeland, Dexter, Nurse Jackie, Episodes, and such.

I have a weird love for pasta, green peppermint mints, and lemon drops. It’s not an addiction. It’s just…I don’t know.

I love to travel! Traveling is a passion.

About This Blog

Retro Colorado comes for my love and heart for Colorado. I took a trip there July 9th, 2010 to July 14th, 2010 that changed my life. It changed my way of thinking. It had me start a new point in my life.

I try to blog about my life, my travels, button-pushing topics, and short Bible Study blurbs.


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